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the heat is, the heat is on

No, I don’t mean the Glenn Frey song (now stuck in my head for the day).

We are cleared dentally and medically now (yay!), and will hopefully coast through legal and placement soon.  Kyle Jessop, our wonderful recruiter (I’m not kidding. He’s great. You’re lucky if you get him, no disrespect to the others…) calmed our fears the other day, letting us in on a little secret, “Look for your Invitation about 90 days prior to your departure date.”  The date he gave us originally–long, long ago in August of ’07–was July 20, 2008 and we haven’t been told anything different since then.  So, we can only hope that our Invite stuff will arrive around Earth Day (April 22).  That’s 3 weeks away.

I will be very thrilled if it comes in 3 weeks.

However, if it doesn’t and we encounter more hold-ups with legal or with our assignment, it’s possible for our departure to get postponed OR our entire assignment changed.

We are as gung-ho as ever. As the air in Nashville gets warmer and the skies are more frequently sunny, I find myself getting the itch for having that climate all the time.  I can’t tell you how tired I am of wearing socks and tights.  Also, I’m excited to share the deets with all of our friends and family…Right now, it feels like I’m a drug dealer without any drugs.  Folks keep asking, and I want to give em their fix!  Currently, I am without fix.

Soon though. We hope.


4 Responses

  1. Congrats on the medical/dental clearance, we are dentally cleared, but have to wait a few more weeks on the medical. I’m getting anxious for oour assignment, w/out it I’ll have to go find a real job, BLAH!

  2. We still have legal and placements to go…hopefully we’ll hear in another week or so. Good luck with everything medical and otherwise! It would be so nice to be able to make plans and give notice to our jobs.

    Eww, a “real job.” No thanks. ;)

  3. http://pack4pcjamaica.blogspot.com/

    Here’s Patrick and Erin’s pack blog. We should be finding out in a week or so about our medical clearance!!!!

  4. Sorry to bug ya so much, but I also found this:

    I don’t know if it will catch on, I hope you guys go to Ja, I want to listen to some of your music.

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