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Teva (pronounced “teh’-vah”) means Nature in Hebrew

Did you know it? Not me, until today.

So, this is Josh conveying the info from our Invitation Packs to me, whilst I was away in Florida. Yeah?


And since that moment, we’ve been on a crazy trip, without even having left or changed much of anything.

Future PCVs, should any of you ever read this, I want you to know that the paperwork is NOT over at this point in the game. I’ve read bloggins to the effect that the paperwork (and tree-killing) never really ends. So, since the Invitation news, we’ve been deciphering the whole packing scenario-I’m not great at strategy and I’m super-poor at visualizing. This has been interesting…but I’m a pro at talking with customer service reps and finding out information. Members of our group 79 have been busy collecting prodeal and PC discount information and sharing it with each other. I’m attempting to put it all up on our “to pack” section.

One of our future fellow trainees was right on when she said that all these prodeals are making her want to get something from everywhere! Part of this lifestyle is to live out “less is more,” but it’s difficult to not want to live that

out in the best moisture-wicking, quick-dry, tear resistant materials! The truth is that most of our clothing and “gear” is old, well-worn and on its last leg. In lieu of bringing the old stuff, taking the chance it will give out at any moment, we’ve opted to frugally procure some new, good stuff that will last us. I hope it’s a good decision…we’re dipping into our savings and will need to sell off our household belongings (and cars) to build it back.

So many emotions right now. We’re trying to be diligent–at our current full-time jobs, with our Peace Corps “hoops,” and with the time we have for family, friends and all these events taking place! If I let myself stop and ponder things…the people I’ll miss, the uncertainty of almost EVERYthing we’re about to experience, I will quickly put myself in a somber, if not fully spazzoid funk. However, right now there’s too much going on. It’s better this way.


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