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one-way tickets

We’re new to one-way tickets.  Sure, we didn’t purchase these ourselves but it counts.

Here are a couple from last weekend:

The first leg is Nashville to Fort Myers (via Orlando). We are thrilled to get 1.5 days chez Troyer to relax and visit with them.  Are you happy now?They’ve treated us to an inflato mattress that stays inflato-ed, professional quality meals and lots of playful banter.  We’ve enjoyed every moment and appreciate the oasis very much.  I told them I really wanted Josh to see a manatee up close while we were here…This is the answer I got.

Leg two is Fort Myers to Coral Gables (Miami) where we’ll do our staging (pre-training) for 1.5 days prior to landing in Jamaica.  Kristina is doing us a huge favor by forsaking her studies (and family) for most of the day to drive us cross-state.

If all goes well, we’ll be in Jamaica around 11am on Thursday.



2 Responses

  1. Love you guys…way excited by the way!!!
    Did Josh and Sam get manly bonding time?

  2. Hey…I know that sea creature!

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