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Day in Miami

It’s amazing how large an operation it is to get a person (and 52 some odd people) through a process like the Peace Corps. Not only is it government-funded and operated by hundreds of employees in the U.S., but think of all the PC employees in the form of country operatives who are working in other countries. We wouldn’t be here at PC Staging today (or yesterday) without a LOT of help, from these PC people and from our family members and friends. Without their support (moral, financial, transportational, etc.), I’m not sure where we’d be. Thank you. You individuals are just about as much “in” this as we are. We hope we’ll have an opportunity to reciprocate somehow in your lives.

Okey doke, now back to our Day II of staging, afternoon session. ::snore::
(By the way, our room at the Westin is pretty amazing. We’re on the deck going right to the pool area and…well, we’ll post a couple pictures. Let’s just say being married is paying off already.) ;)

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