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Rio Grande in the news

Check this out:  Josh and I actually just met Ms. Kimberly John at our Ancestral Memories event on Friday.  This is a very recent article and helps to show how unique and important this region is (and how precious the water is here).  She is mos def a good person to know.

I hope you’ll get the chance to watch all three of these short videos.  They give you an idea of our new stomping grounds.  Can you believe that this is where we live?!!  Josh and I know these people being interviewed!  River poisoning is a serious problem in the area, though it seems like one of several wat/san issues that the communities of the upper Rio Grande Valley face.

We will hopefully write up a post soon that will explain the main needs of our communities, and what we see our roles to be during the next two years.  Let’s just say we won’t be bored!  We have been assigned to a community self-help group called the Bowden Pen Farmers Association.  These are 25-30 highly-motivated, hard-working individuals committed to the vision of a better future for inhabitants of the valley.  They are full-time farmers, but also volunteer a good deal of time and physical labor to eco-tourism and disaster relief endeavors that will increase livelihoods and access to resources.  I’m so proud to be working with this group, and hope I will be able to keep up!

Pictures to follow…SOOO many pictures. :)


3 Responses

  1. Hi guys – from the whole Troyer clan. I’m sure you guys are experiencing so many amazing things and are adjusting well. Your in our thoughts…frequently.


  2. Thanks Troyers! Did you guys all decide where to go for Christmas? Man, I need to get more int’l minutes! Hope all is well with you. KT-how’d the boards go?

  3. How can we get you some I-minutes? Can we purchase for you? Love you.

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