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Wanna Know Where I Am?

An air-conditioned computer lab, computing for free and no I’m not in a huge hurry.  How about that for a bonus!

Before I forget, here are addresses for a couple of blogs that I recommend.
Grace Titus is one of my favorites in our group; one of the first people I got to know in Miami.  She will work in the youth sector as an HIV/AIDS educator.  Just before coming here, she passed her nursing tests and became an RN.  She’s also a huge fan of The Office…ask her anything and she knows it.  She’s that good.  Anyway, if you’re tired of waiting for Josh and I to update and you’d like to read another good journal from PC-Jamaica, here she is.
Janelle WIlson has done a great job of keeping up with our training hijinks.  Especially of note is her entry on exciting foods! Janelle has a M.S. in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis on water (wastewater or water systems…can’t remember).  She’s really sharp and also one of the sweetest personalities in our group.  She’s working working with a NorthEast Regional Health Department on water and sanitation stuff, which is our area.  Josh is glad to have another engineer around who can handle engineer talk, but who also likes people.  I like having her around because she’s a baller (volley, that is) and has a good sense of humor.  In any case, she blogs well and you should check that out.

We have other bloggers in our group who are doing a good job, too–Salena, Jason Candido, Matt & Karen, etc.  Their links are on the right-side for your convenience.


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