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Holy Cable & Hot Shower, Batman!

We had heard of the Holborn a couple weeks back, from a couple of seasoned volunteers who were in Kingston on some urgent PC business.  They said it was affordable on “our budget,” but not to expect luxury.

Holborn suite, from the back

Holborn suite, from the back

Immediately, my mind goes to a scene from Barton Fink (with the peeling wallpaper and huge bugs, etc.).  Well, once again half-expecting the worst has come in handy!  This place isn’t so bad!

Josh and I thought we’d be in training at the Teachers College until Saturday, but found out when we got here that our training ended on Thursday at noon.  We’ve been so busy in our evenings this week that we had a couple of errands still to run before heading back to Portland.  We got permission to stay over one night and return to our site tomorrow (Friday), as long as the PC wouldn’t have to pay for it.  The Holborn Guest House has a long-standing relationship with the PC and offers a great rate.

This is where PCVs stay when they’re in the capital and need to stay overnight.

It’s 8pm and we just got back in our room for the night.  We packed up at the college, called a taxi and checked in to the Holborn.  Then we embarked on a walk taking us to the Peace Corps office—our first time!  I had this idea (again with the mental pictures) of the PC office being a treasure trove of movies, classic and modern literature, and resource materials just waiting to be used by us.  Josh met with one of the medical officers while I looked through a stuffy walk-in closet of old development books/notebooks.  Although not quite up to my dream, we learned a lot.  Josh and I ended up going to another doctor in Kingston and then to a nearby pharmacy—all free of charge—for his stomach.  I found out we can order reference materials for free, even new ones!  So yeah-it was a good trip.  Truth be told, we stayed over for Josh to see the doctor and to try and find powdered Gatorade and a kitchen knife.  Got 2 out of 3.  We’ll find a knife in Portie.

So this place isn’t bad at all.  It’s kind of cubby-shaped, but it has everything we need, especially one thing we’ve been short of lately—privacy.  I hope it’s not weird for you that I’m writing this in my underwear.  It’s quite nice.  Nice mattress, no water lock offs, bug-free (well almost), possible wifi stealing from across the street, free breakfast, super helpful staff and a rooftop you can chill on.  Okay, it’s a splurge to pay for this in our training.  On the other hand, it’s an investment in our sanity, our marriage.

Also, we went to a supermarket called John R Won and ate at a Jamaican fast food place called Tastee.

Oh and I just took one sweet as HOT SHOWER (hence the cherry).
Now you know where to crash in Ktown.


3 Responses

  1. Shouldn’t there be uniforms or rulz about posting in your underoos? I’m glad for endless supplies of water, meds, and underwear.

    Amazing pics by the way. If only I could vote on these: “simply jamaica”

  2. Batman? You never mentioned Batman in this blog except for the title. Maybe that was one of the items you stuck around to take care of? Either way I got to see i and it was fantastic.

  3. we went and saw Batman in Kingston and it was incredible. well worth the hassle.

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