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Convincing yourself of something is harder than convincing anyone else. This I know and have been living for the past week and a half. It’s hard to explain…

Last week was probably the most challenging week for me thus far.  I’m having trouble establishing some important understandings with people (agency counterparts, committee chairs, development group contacts, my host family at times, etc.) about who I am and what role I am there to play.  On top of that, we are finishing up PC training and with that comes the last thrust of final assignments and studying.

We were busy with lots of things…and managed to relax some and find a great new waterfall locale too.
Sunday-Ginger House Environmental Group meeting
Monday-simple secretarial errands take me almost all day. I’m talking 1 copy=5 hours + $570JD.
Tuesday-got meeting flyers to CDC PROs, site visits from PC, BPFA planning meeting
Wednesday-Patwa presentations at our last satellite training in Annotto Bay
Thursday-laundry, CDC meeting, Jamaica Womens’ Guild meeting
Friday-Dry River & Falls, SPA project report, packing for Kingston
Saturday-travel to Kingston for last week of training (and swearing in!)

womens meeting in Comfort Castle

womens meeting in Comfort Castle

So now we’re at a hotel in Kingston.  It’s a pretty nice place-hot water, air conditioning and a pool.  We walked to Mega Mart and it was like Jamaica Costco.

valley rainbow

valley rainbow

was overwhelmed with all the choices! Josh got us two big tubs of powdered Gatorade, so we’re set on that for a while.  Did I mention cable tv?  This morning, we slept in and watched the Jane Austen Book Club.  Last night, I sat there just glued to the Cosby Show for hours and hours.  All of a sudden, I realize it’s 3am (hence the sleeping in).  LOVE me some Huxtables!  This is a short week, full of waiting around in (relative) comfort and trying not to fail out of our PC training. That would be awkward.  The test consists of an oral Patwa portion and a general knowledge portion.  We each go before a panel of 4-5 staff members and hope we remember all of the important stuff.  Assuming all goes well there, we will “swear in” (or graduate) and become official volunteers.  This means that the clock starts on our 24 months, that we get our government passports and…well some other goofy things you don’t need to know.  This time last year, hurricane Dean hit the island and all PC people had to consolidate into the US Embassy for a few days.  It hampered all of their nice plans for testing and the ceremony.  So we’re hoping our week is hurricane-free!

7 Responses

  1. I thought my five hour trauma with the Panasonic was bad. The tech guys were called twice. I bought paper from Staples & had to go back to Staples to print off the proposal. The “Staples” paper I bought shut down Staples’ copiers. But it only cost us $76. No complaints here, eh.

    Praying for Fay Free weather, comfort peace & rest, clear communication, strengthened relationships, healthy digestive tracts, encouragement, and the ability to laugh.

    love you friends!

  2. Remember how when we were younger God would always give us rainbows when we were travelling? And then remember that one time we saw the big cross shadow in the clouds and at first thought it was the shadow of the plane, but then there was no way that could’ve been it?

    I’m just glad God sends us rainbows to let us know everything will be fine, that He’s not abandoned us.

    Sorry for you hard week. I’m running out of things to say to encourage, which doesn’t at all have to do with you. I think you guys are being very fair about your changing lives and situations. I just think whatever i have to offer must seem so beside the point or at least far from your reality. I’d rather just tell you that i love you and am continuing to think of and pray for you often.

    Did you happen to get the card i sent you? I laughed and laughed and laughed in the store, to the point where the lady at the counter said “if you laugh that hard at it, you HAVE to buy it”, so i did. I figured you’d get as big a kick out of it as anyone i know.

    Have you guys thought of anything you’d really like sent to you? I know you made a list of stuff you thought you’d need before leaving, but having been there a bit, do you know better the things you really miss? (other than hot water and air conditioning)

    Remember what you said to me about the point of marriage after having read that book, something about what if marriage is less about making you feel complete and loved and more about making you holy.

    What if the Peace Corps isn’t about using your minds and gifts? What if it’s not about getting you out of your comfort zones or even changing the world? And instead it’s about making you holy?

    Just a thought.

    Love you two muchos.

  3. So i don’t ever wish dangerous weather for you guys, but maybe this hurricane, Gustav, will allow you one more trip back into the city. Yee!

  4. Sounds like a week back into the city, whatever the reason, is much needed. After all the testing you’ll be graduates again! That’s one big “OO-RAH” for the two of you! Just enjoy the cooler air and hot water while you have it at your disposal.

    I sent you two an anniversary card last week which came back to me, noting I hadn’t put enough stamps on it for an international letter. I found out what it costs and I’ll not have another returned. Sorry about that…it didn’t cross my mind that it would be any different than a normal letter here. So it’s on its way, but it’ll be late….. know that we’re thinking about you both!

    Jess, check your email when you get the chance….sad news about Ed…I didn’t want to tell the world about it.

    Love you two and know you’ll stand strong together. With Gustav in the wings, you may literally have to…….hope that’s a joke. Mom

  5. Looks like you guys are getting it from gustav. Let us know if you are OK as soon as you get internet access.

  6. yeah, so far so good with Gustav. pretty mild right now. might get worse by the time it reaches the US though.

  7. Glad to hear you’re doing good. Praying the storms leave you alone for a while:)

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