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No Way to Hate Week 8

they call him flipper...

Although we had a big test and lots of stuff to turn in, our final week of Peace Corps training has been a fun and relaxing time.  Peace Corps put us up in a hotel with wifi, hot water, a/c and a pool. Although we really really hate to travel cross country with luggage, it’s a little sad that we won’t be seeing all of g79 again until late November. Did I mention cable?

We’re in a part of town that’s accessible to lots of stuff that feels like home…This week, we’ve had pineapple pizza, ja-mexican at a place called Chiletos, frappaccinos and lattes at a super-expensive coffee shop, Japanese sushi and we also have bought some provisions from a place called MegaMart that would rival Costco.

this was a good night

this was a good night

What a difference the part of town makes! Right across from the coffee shop, I found this shoe store…imagine a Payless, but filled from top to bottom with cutesy shoes for women! Slippers, flats, heels, boots, etc…in every shade imagineable.  I got two pairs and I even bargained for the price.  Pretty sweet.

So, as the wind and rain intermittently whip around our cottages…and even as I can imagine it’s making all kinds of trouble for the area where we live, it’s been a nice time and it continues to be. We’ll see what happens in the morning.


4 Responses

  1. Great to hear from you! Glad you had a good week and a bunch to be excited about. Congratulations on graduating to “real” PC people! You haven’t been specific as to what your daily jobs will be, or maybe I’ve missed it. Tell me again please? Love you both and stay safe! Mom

  2. sounds like a nice break. Something about frappaccinos makes the whole world better. Heard about this kind of leaf from a tree they grow at echo which is a natural cure for …ahem “loose stools”. The seeds also purify water to boot! I didn’t know if you had any use for them, but I want to pick some up for you guys. ECHO sells them and says they are good for little kids too, who get sick and loose too much water.


  3. How do you light up the pool with your stomach like that?

  4. Reminds me of that guy, Wilford Brimley, in “Cocoon.”

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