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Swearing In

all of us

all of us

Josh & Gayon, our language guru

Josh & Gayon, our language guru


9 Responses

  1. so which of those hot girls will you be setting up to be my temporary Jamaica girlfriend when I come to visit, Jesse?!

  2. That all depends on your behavior when you’re here and what kind of hotness you’re looking for. ;)

  3. outward and/or physical hotness… i mean… it’s only gonna be for afew days so….:)

  4. Loving the new volunteer picture!! Congratulations, you FINALLY made it through training – I know, you thought it’d never end. You came back just in time to enjoy the aftermath of Gustav too! I might be seeing you guys at Shannon’s this weekend. Until then, take care… although you might not even get this until the weekend? Oops.

    -Brittney (the PCV directly south of you guys)

  5. Happy Anniversary you two. Blessings from the Colorado clan. Waxing my snowboard in your honor. Missing you too. jt

  6. Hey Jesse/Josh …I just went through the blog for the first time…WOW! Praying for you guys and look forward to seeing the updates.

    Take care,


  7. Looking good guys….I’m really proud of you both. get out there and make a difference. jh

  8. Happy anniversary to you, happy anniversary to you, happy anniversary Josh and Jesseeeeee. Happy anniversary to you! Box leaving soon :)

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