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Quick Coverage

Thanks for the anniversary cards and mail! We got 3 cards on Thursday, a perfect gift on our anniversary! We also found out from the postmark that it only takes 8-10 days to get to us…sweet.  Packages still have to go to Kingston through PC (and can take a long time).  By the way–Hunters–we are told that 2 boxes have arrived for us.  We wrote a note asking that a friend pick them up next week when he goes into town.

love mail!

love mail!

I apologize to the few lovelies who really enjoy wordy blogs. This one was a really well crafted post until it was destroyed before it’s time. :(

We’re back at our site now and this time it’s for good!  As volunteers, we have new freedoms as well as new responsibilities…sort of like getting your first car (and having to pay for it). Lots of damage in our neck of the woods due to tropical storm Gustav, but most of the damage has to do with electric lines and crops. We returned back to site on Monday–actually got delivered there by the one and only Country Director, Howard Anderson.  We rode in style and a/c(!) and we got to pick his brain on whatever came up…it’s the best way to travel!

We returned home to the water being offline and no electricity.  It’s now Saturday and the water is working, but not at 100% and the power is still down.  We were just given a blurb that JPS is coming to our section of the valley tomorrow to return things to normal.  We’ll see how far they get.  Much of the upper valley has been anticipating this big nine-night celebration (which usually occurs the entire night before a funeral) tonight-Saturday.  Thus, we are told that the location of the nine-night has already been fixed and NOW HAS POWER.  Ah the power of “who you know!” :)  This party should last all night, so we’re hoping to take a nap beforehand…a sweaty power nap.

Here’s what I call Carib-construction(and yes, they BURNED the pvc):

fyi-this didn't hold

fyi-this didn

This week has been uncomfortable at home, but productive too.  Josh and my jobs aren’t 8-5. Sometimes they don’t require us to work or leave the house every day.  So, it’s all about coordinating with people and initiating all of our own tasks.  Can you imagine?

Parish sleep-over at Shannon’s in Port Antonio was fabulous. She made pizza, pasta salad and in the morning we had chocolate chip pancakes, fried breadfruit and plaintain.

Beach day that followed:

baby Cougar

baby Cougar

Winifred Beach

Winifred Beach


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update! You sounded great when we talked Jess! You both make me proud. Looks like some of your “down-time” is fun and interesting….would hate to be in Jamaica and not have there be any adventure. Be thinking about Christmas and a wish list…..seeing how whatever gets sent takes a while to get to you. All is well at “home-Tennessee.” Keep info coming whenever you can! Love you Babe! Mom

  2. Love you Jess! Give Josh a big sweaty hug for us :0) Getting quite chilly here already – enough for a coat. Hope you have your electric back soon. No fan… oh my! Noah’s getting baptized on the 14th :)

  3. There may be a larger envelope coming for you all…no idea on the travel time from here though…maybe you’d get it before you left…it’s filed with treats and of course love. I even sent something for Josh! You know I love you guys!!!

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