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Things to do in Portland, plus

Monday, September 8th
Things to see/do in Portland:
1.  Come visit us in Comfort Castle (duh)!  Space is limited, but available at our place…so long as you don’t mind a 4 yr old rugrat being all up ons.  We can tour our towns and those adjoining, chill at BPFA’s awesome eco-cottage setup (Ambassabeth), hike UP the Cunha Cunha Pass (better yet, we’ll point you in the right direction) or we can walk a little ways to either the Rio Grande River or some sweet falls behind our house (Dry River Falls).

2.  Port Antonio sight-seeing.  This includes Folly Point  (with a lighthouse), Woods Island (known to PCVs as “the island”), Errol Flynn Marina (w/ icecream and free wifi), and fine vegetarian cuisineries.  We’ll even show you where we catch our taxis home every time and where NOT to be at night.

3.  Charming beach sites, such as Winifred Beach (free), Blue Lagoon (where they filmed that movie), Frenchman’s Cove and Boston Beach.  PCVs have free day use of the beach at Great Huts. I’m told people do some surfing in that bay.

4.  Tourist-y things to do.  There’s Rio Grande Rafting, Nonsuch Caves, Somerset Falls, Reich Falls…and I’m sure there’s more.  These are the type of thing we haven’t much time for unless someone visits and wants to go.  Kind of like Hard Rock Café in Nashville… Plus, we spend so much time trying not to look like a regular tourist that it’s tough to switch gears and just enjoy it.

5.  Awesome, low-key resorts.  Plans are in the works to increase development of tourism for our side of the coast.  However, currently it’s an awesome time to stay in Portland because it ISN’T so developed.  It’s safe, cheaper than any resorts on the west coast and really relaxed.  The resorts are more like B&Bs and sometimes include a cook to make your authentic Jamaican meals.  Places offer a variety—from Great Huts to Ivanhoe’s to beachfront shanties for rent, they can be yours.

Here are a couple of shots I forgot to add from our week+ at the Mayfair.

It was pretty fun to do group cooking once or twice.  This is normally accompanied by group drinking, with a birthday sprinkled in now and again for good measure.

On a random note, we had THE biggest moth I’ve ever seen fly in our place tonight and get ka-rie-zi.  We thought it might be a bat, but…it’s wasn’t. Could’ve been though. Gosh, that was a big moth!
So far, that’s one scary centipede, several huge palmetto bugs and now a huge moth.  Plus several million tiny moths and various ants. Sigh.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Josh, Hi Jess! Good to hear from you! Lots of news from you both….. thanks and keep it all coming! Sounds like you’re both waming up to your surroundings and feeling bunches more comfortable…none too soon, eh? Thanks for all the great pics! It’s absolutely beautiful there! Mom

  2. noisetrade.com
    that’s the website i told you about.

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