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It’s officially rainy season in Portland

Rain makes everything calm, especially rain here.  If it’s a light, but steady rain, some people may venture out to get their tasks done.  However, if it’s an on and off smacking, bruising rain…just cancel your plans.  No one will be coming out to meet you and all shops are closed (at least up in “dem ya” parts).  So it’s 12:40pm and I’m still in my p-jams.  I’ve tried reading, but it’s hard to concentrate. I wish I could show you this rain. It’s incredible.  People go back and forth on what to call this place—mountain tropi-deciduous, tropical forest or rainforest.  Well, during rainy season (which started a couple weeks ago in a real way), it definitely looks like a “rainforest.”  The low-hanging clouds, misty mornings, rain showers every 5 minutes, and mosquitoes coming INDOORS (boooo).  And speaking of indoors…


We’re moving (well, it’s almost final)!  We’ve had an excellent experience with Madge & Desi at their home and we have nothing negative at all to say.  However, we’re thrilled to tell you that we’ve found another place of lodging—a little 2-bedroom about 5 minutes down the road.  After we get PC approval of the place, we can move in, hopefully in a couple weeks.  It has a kitchen, living room and an extra bed for company.  It’ll be a good amount of work getting moved and settled in (again), but I’m excited to think of being able to stretch out in our own space.


Josh’s back has been hurting this week, due to a few days prior that required a lot from him physically.  Thus, I went alone to our NERH meeting in Ochi.  It was strange to travel without him, but I did just fine(!).  After the meeting, Alicia and I got to hang out in a pleasantly overcast Turtle Park (in Ochi) and then met Janelle and Jess Bowen to enjoy a few of the finer points of Ochi…a coffee shop, Margaritaville and Hard Rock Café (for ½ happy hour).  It’s an entirely different world for volunteers who live close to Ochi than it is for we who live close to Porti.  Riding back from Ochi (to Port Maria) in my crowded minibus, I had my first glimpse of the cruise ships letting off.  I’ve never been on a cruise and didn’t quite expect them to be so…gigantor!  They are like floating cities!  Living here gives me a whole new perspective on that form of vacationing. I’m sure it’s a really nice way to go, but the way it looks from this end is…not how I really want to be perceived, ever.  Having said that, I really enjoyed Ochi!  It has a lot of amenities that Porti just doesn’t have.  I carried back 4 tubs of sour cream, for instance (2 for the freezer, 2 for taco night).  The other day, I tried a PC recipe for tortillas (Carrie-you’re my hero) and it worked pretty well


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