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Look for Me in Dublin

(I don’t really know what to blog about anymore. I don’t think I’m eloquent enough to make my troubles sound interesting, so I’m going to leave it to my photos for now.)

First off, my face is currently on display on a wall in Dublin… Seriously. Here’s what I know…

I took this picture last year…

Today I had a comment on Flickr saying “Loved this photo so much I painted it! Hope you don’t mind.” And then I saw this…

Wow. How messed up is that?? I mean, I’m honored and that’s an amazing paint job, but wow. I think this may top our German Christmas Card in photo randomness. Just bizarre.

Oh, I just made my first movie (sort of). I have a video camera and there was video on it from 3 yrs ago because i could never figure out how to get it off. However, thanks to Mac, it was no problem. And with my back being out of commission for a few days, I got to mess around with iMovie. I wanted to highlight me and my brother-in-law’s nerdiness and love of explosions. Ta da…

So yeah, back to pictures. (I know a lot of these are small, but unless you open them up you’ll really miss out. There are just too many to give each it’s own proper presentation. So try and enjoy them in this crappy cluttered form.) These are from a bunch I took the other day on Cuhna Cuhna Pass for Bowden Pen Farmer’s Association.

Here are some shots from the island. i love jumping shots…

Here are some shots of Frenchman’s Cove (our favorite beach thus far)…

And Dry River Falls (which is a mile behind our house. we’ll take you to it when you get here.)…

Okay a couple more. I found Outrageous shampoo here back in Kingston. That probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone except Todd. And I got a new wedding ring. And this is the crazy abandoned house we stayed in the other day (on accident).

I made this flyer the other day for Nanny Day in Moore Town. It’s not my typical design by any means, but it’s what they wanted. Considering I did it from scratch in a night, I think it came out pretty good.

I’ve always had a huge love of movie themes. Lately, these have been on my playlist a lot. They’re (mostly) short, but powerful. Please give them a listen if you have the time (just right click and download ’em). The first one is from Wall-e and it’s my favorite 30sec of music from the movie. i can’t find that short theme anywhere else on the soundtrack. (I really love Thomas Newman’s work. If you haven’t checked out Road to Perdition or Shawshank Redemption, you really must.) The 2nd is a just a pleasant reoccurring theme in Dan in Real Life. The 3rd is an oldie from The Thin Red Line. I just love it. And the last 2 are from Eternal Sunshine. Enjoy.

Thomas Newman – All That Love’s About

Sondre Lerche – Dan and Marie (Picking Hum)

Hans Zimmer – God Yu Tekken Laef Blong Mi

Jon Brion – Peer Pressure

Jon Brion – Row


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  1. sounds like this has been everything you wanted and more- you big jerks,

    I’m off at 9pm on the days that I’m working if you wanted to call sometime- (6pm on weekends)… do you have service all the time or just when you go into town?

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