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Quarterlies Weekend (Sort of)

We went to Kingston this past weekend for Quarterlies. I spent most of my time shopping for things we can’t find out in Portland (i.e. home supplies and speakers). I don’t know if I’ve explained what speaker systems they have here or not, but… they’ve taken those 3 piece speaker systems they we had when we were 15yrs old and expanded on them like they were the only thing out there. I’m talking some for $70,000JM ($1,000US) with 6 giant speakers and a subwoofer all attached to a bulky center console with 2 tape decks, a radio, 14 equalizers, and a 5disc changer. Really?? Really. So I was starting to get depressed about my stereo situation. I thought I’d found a small Sony 3piece for $16,000, but right before I was about to check out we came across this Logitech 2.1 computer THX system for $14,900. Two satellites and an (120W) 8″ sub. I was thrilled. It was small and packed an awesome bass punch and and sounded way better than something for thousands more. So i bought that ($212US). $150 in the states, so that’s no bad at all considering the usual markup here) and hauled it home on a coaster bus wrapped in newspaper. It sounds phenomenal and is super easy to plug up to anything. And in our new little all concrete house it’s going to roar. So now the audiophile in me can rest easy.

We also got a lot of house supplies for way less than out where we live. Basically, the stores where we live have imported all the cheapest stuff from Bed Bath & Beyond and decided to charge an arm and a leg for it. It’s really frustrating. So we saved a lot buying out there. Plus since we’re together and don’t have to each buy a spatula and pan and everything, we’re saving a lot. We’re pretty excited to move into our new place. It’s just going to be nice to have our own place.

Should I get a D300 or a D90? If you buy it for me I’ll let you pick.

(One of the other Maroon Colonels on the island.)

(A local cook on Nanny Day)

(Nanny Day)


I think I’d also like a lens baby (although it’s hard to use a gimmick well, I think).

I totally can’t remember what else I was going to write about. Ah well. Just comment on something.


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  1. Thanks for updating Josh…the pictures are great! Are you and Jess feeling more “part of” rather than new people in the country? Hope your transition to the new house goes well. You’re finding that life goes on and you find a way to do things with less. Where there’s a will, there’s a way? Ha-ha! Keep the updates coming. One other thing……about the music classes you’re teaching. Young kids thrive on basic stuff, especially basics they can be a part of. Example….a simple rendition of “row, row, row your boat” can teach a lot about timimg and cohesion. And a lot of fun when it comes together. Ask your Mom for suggestions. Good luck!


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