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Blessings NOT in Disguise

Last weekend, lots of PCVs came into Ktown to meet…meetings for 1.5 days.  It didn’t sound very exciting to me either, but we were happy to spend an evening catching up with our g79 family and get to know g78ers a likkle more.  So I’m an assistant warden (affectionately called “Shannon’s ass”) for Portland, which allows me to be reimbursed for travel and food costs while on official PC business on a quarterly basis (which rocks).  I also volunteered to be on Lauren Commission, which is a lot simpler than the name suggests…I help count election ballots once a year.  (So yeah, I’m a pretty big deal.)  At this quarterlies, Josh got a position on the executive board for Nuts & Bolts—a sub-committee for engineering stuff.  So now we’re both covered—yess.

We were so blessed by our host from the embassy.  She cheerfully taxied us around, cooked us food, allowed us to raid her house for whatever we desired and cleaned up after us.  I felt like little orphan Annie for the weekend, just coming to stay with daddy Warbucks for a weekend!  Thank you, Tracy, for spoiling us and opening your home!



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