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No Daylight Savings

We moved into our new place yesterday—by far our easiest move, including college! I’m talking one carload, ½ mile down the road, unloading one room of stuff into several rooms. We packed, moved and (mostly) unpacked in…5 hours. And my was it worth it!

The new place…white walls, good airflow, fully furnished. Not sure what else to say. I love it.

We had a great experience with Madge & Desi and are so thankful for the lucky match made by Peace Corps.  We will definitely stay in contact with them (e.g. host pizza & movie nights, occasionally beg their washer, offer to babysit).  Plus, they are officers in our agency-Bowden Pen Farmers’ Association, so we’ll still work together.  They’ve been great helps in interpreting cultural differences in a comfortable environment (a safe place).  I can’t tell you how many conversations we’ve had that start with, “Okay, I don’t get this…”  Truly, we succeeded in the 3 PC goals in living there—to transfer skills & information, to gain understanding of a culture different than our own, and to impart aspects of our American culture in a positive way.

Having said that, we have chosen to relocate, so that our place of residence while in Jamaica is a little more ours.  It’s the same address (for mailing purposes) and I can’t wait to show you around and host your visit (hint hint)!

I’m no Martha Stewart, but it’s amazing how little extravagances make a “whole heap (uol iip)” of difference.  For instance, last night we made dinner with the only stuff we had—left over (homemade) tortillas, veggie mince, a tomato and mac & cheese mix. We had…veggie-helper tacos.  Jealous?

Our friend Nick came out and stayed with us after the Halloween party in Long Bay.  It was his bday weekend and, for him to volunteer to help move & christen our guest room, I mean really! What a guy!  Although I usually feel this intense urge to entertain(!) guests, I’m learning that folks who express interest in coming to “our bush” really just want to kick back and enjoy the scenery, of which we have plen-ty!  We walked to Barracks Waterfall, just surging like crazy after all the rain, and watched Nicholas risk his life climbing up/down the thing. (Can’t wait to see his pictures!) We were all asleep by like 10:30pm in the new house, Nick in the hammock on the front porch, we in our bed.

Last night, all 3 of us experienced something for the first time in Ja—we were chilly!  This rainy season is absolutely different than July & August.  You’ll see Jamaicans in sweatshirts and shoes with socks, but we think it’s perfect.  Sure, our clothes don’t totally dry (meaning mold-yay) and there’s the almost constant rain, but heck. I’m enjoying it.

Halloween seemed like a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun too.  13 of us (or so) stayed at this house in Long Bay (30 mins east of Port Antonio) called The Glass House.  I don’t think it’s especially…glassy, but whatever.  In any case, it was perfect—great veranda, breeze and beachfront.  We had good pizza at a place down the beach, ran in the hard rain and partied way too late in our make-shift costumes.  You should know who Josh is; can you guess what I am? Props to Sean for organizing the house and all.  Props to Josh for hauling our speakers out there.  Props to the ladies from Saint Ann who came all that way after a full day of work!  Until next year, friends.  I think Josh and I are in charge in 2009?
That’s it for now. Have to get out and catch a taxi.

We really miss you guys, family and friends.  Even while we’re having fun with people here, one of us will inevitably say to the other, “Remember LAST Halloween….wonder what they’re all doing…I wish they could be here. They’d really LOVE this.”  Hope you’re keeping it real in Nashville, MJ, CO Springs, SA, Parsippany and wherever ELSE you are (Ktown).  Miss you like crazy—wish you were here (or us there, temporarily).

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