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So Who Won the Election?

Long Bay

Just kidding. We stayed up last night watching the election (and South Park and Kindergarden Cop, and the Daily Show and several other goodies (our friend Sean has cable)). I’ll go ahead and tell you (and cause much disgust amongst my Peace Corps peers), I voted for McCain. However, it was the most difficult choice (regarding voting) I’ve ever made. I liked and disliked both candidates equally (apparently so did the rest of America; the popular vote was really close). Both had such good points. Obama obviously an amazing speaker and seemingly brilliant person; McCain had such an awesome knowledge of US history and appeared to be an all-around amazing American. I know those aren’t key points, but they are examples. In the end, I had to choose McCain because of his more conservative view on things. Good speaker or not, Obama was the most liberal senator ever and a few things just didn’t line up. Otherwise, it was an extremely difficult decision.

o-electedWhile I’m still torn on the outcome, I certainly wasn’t heartbroke when Obama won. Honestly… I’m excited. I’m excited to see what happens. I know it won’t be overnight, but I’m excited to see this “change”. And we think saw a glimpse of that change last night when you could feel the whole world cheer as Obama was announced the winner. You know what I mean? It just felt like the whole world had come together and agreed on something for a minute there; all of the sudden people were excited for America and for the world. It was pretty awesome. And I don’t think it would’ve happened had McCain won.

I did love both candidates’ speeches. Liberals give McCain a hard time because he’s old and seems out of date (and they think he’s like Bush), but I think he’s a pretty awesome guy. He’s straightforward, honest, and has a good sense of humor about himself. I liked his speech. Super classy. (And of course, Obama’s speech was very impressive. It’s hard to go wrong quoting Lincoln.)

I don’t know what kind of president Obama will be and I’m not too thrilled the Democrats have the majority on everything, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. It’s hard to believe this election is actually over. Feels like it’s been going on for years now. Wild weird stuff.


It’s interesting watching this whole thing outside the country. There’s such a different feel than TN. I wish I could elaborate more on how different things are and why, but I honestly don’t think I could do it justice. So far there’s only one thing I’ve learned for sure and could tell you with any certainty and that is: The world is a damn complicated place. It truly is. Sometimes it seems like black and white don’t even exist. Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything but grey out here.


7 Responses

  1. I really really love this shot, Josh. I want it in our room, biggie-sized. (It appears that I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.)


    But seriously, somebody should buy this and put it in their nice house. (scott)

  2. Josh- I knew halfway through this post that you wrote it- mostly because I know who your wife voted for! I really loved reading what you wrote my favorite part…The world is a damn complicated place! That’s exaclty the way i’m feeling- We’re excited to see you both in a couple of weeks!

  3. everything is grey. The only thing that is not is God.

  4. BTW you are using a sling bag for your camera gear right? What kind. I’m going hiking and backpacking soon. I’m looking for a bag that will be suitable for that activity.

  5. you did a very good job of putting into words the things I thought about the 2 candidates- I concur.

    I’m excited to– and I cried when he gave his speech, tears of… i don’t really know- just taking in what an impossibly huge moment in history I had just witnessed– on the couch by myself (ha)- but the whole evening just seemed very laden with emotion and it caught up to me– I’m actually really pumped about what this means for America. I think the world has had 8 years of a Republican America, and it might take 8 years of a democratic america (because you know he’s going to win again if Bush won HIS second term) for the conservative base to find themselves again– to remember what we stand for on the issues… I was surprised how little of those were in this election–

    I think the only thing that struck me at the end of the night– Obama didn’t mention God in his acceptance speech, and that sorta scares me… sure he tagged it with “and God bless America”… but that was it- it was a pretty long speech, and I even re-read the transcript of it the day after– not one mention of God, or any divine presence of guidance– how he got where he was, what was important to him, where he was going to take us: none of those things seemed to have anything to do with God- and it just felt odd to me- it felt strangely absent from what seemed like an ideal time to mention His name, such a historic event and all…

  6. Josh, I heard this new song and though of you two. You know I love songs that no one else has heard yet. Stay safe!

  7. hey guys thanks so much for all the comments. seeing them just makes my day.

    Tyler: I use a LowePro Slingshot 200aw. it’s great for running around. I dont know if I recommend it for really long hikes since it only has one strap and can tire our you left shoulder over time. But for short jaunts, it rocks. it carries everything I have and is really easy to flip around. And yeah, the only absolutes I can find come from God.

    Ryan: According to YouTube, I’m not allowed to watch that video from Jamaica. Go figure.

    Scott: Thanks for the thoughtful comment. When I wrote the part about disgusting my fellow peace corps volunteers, I wasn’t lying. Virtually all of them were open Obama supporters, so have been a bit of the odd man out lately. So it’s nice to hear you can relate.

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