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Where We Live

front-01b (front)

Keep in mind I use a wide-angle lens for everything. The house is probably no more than 500 sq ft.

Here’s a quick video I made of the area around us. It’s… musical.


bathroom-01b (bathroom)

bedroom-01b (our room)

bedroom-02b (our room… again)

bedroom-03b (the room you’ll stay in… if you ever come to visit)


kitchen-01b (kitchen)

living-room-02b (living room)


And finish up, here’s one from Halloween weekend…



3 Responses

  1. your house is so cute! i know normally that’d be taken as a putdown, like “quaint” or “charming” meaning small. however, since you’ve already established that it’s small, you should take it for the true meaning of the word, for i have no need for euphemisms! i especially love your shower! the tiles are so neat looking and bright!

    i know it’s different when you live in it every day… beautiful scenery can become obstacles. but oh man is your “neck of the woods” beautiful!

  2. Jess/Josh: I LOVE your house. My favorite part is the front porch. Just enough room for two chairs, a cooler, and feet on the railing. Jess: GREAT job on the window treatments. Love the bright colors. You’re amazing. Thanks too for the scenery vid (w music)! That’s a great suspension bridge and the cloud scenes are spectacular. Miss you guys. Did you find the microbrewery yet? Love Dad.

  3. haha–sad to say the draperies weren’t my pick, but they DO definitely brighten up the place AND keep out most of the 6-legged and flying guests (can’t help with the lizards or ants, but you know).

    We LOVE our place too. Stay tuned to pics of Flat Family on their visit!

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