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Starting New is Good (It’s Official)
[see josh’s pictures & blog below]
We’ve spent most of this week at our new place, cozying in and “working” from home.  It’s been a nice recharge—getting everything in its relative place, waking and sleeping at our leisure, and enjoying the peace that comes with knowing that this space is mine to keep clean or messy, loud or quiet, locked or open.  Trouble is, I don’t yet want to LEAVE the house…I have to really make myself get dressed and GO somewhere else—be it Porti or the town square!
After the water pressure returned, Josh was sold on the whole house thing too. We were in Porti the other day and he says to me, “I just wanna be HOME.”  (as in our new place)  Me too.
We took our neighbor up on her laundering our clothes once a week, although I’m still not totally convinced it’s worth it.  We decided on Fridays…just another cultural interchange that leaves me confounded (long story, not worth it).  However, the clothes looked great out there on the line!

Frustration-Eating (and other made-up reasons to feel happy)
I’m starting to feel like these weekends with other PCVs, gorging ourselves w/ American-style junk foods, are bad for my health.  Call me crazy, but a girl can start to put weight back ON when dairy products become not only her emotional stabilizer, but also her social crutch.  Nah, it’s not that bad…but it’d be pretty funny if that were true.  I DO love the cheese.  We brought a yoga dvd with us here and haven’t used it at all.  My reasoning is that we didn’t have enough space for it in the old room (which is mostly true).  Here in the new place, we DO have the room…actually, if we want to yoga-cise together, we will each have to use a separate room.  I think we can both see the monitor from different rooms.  Tomorrow morning is the first of hopefully many yoga mornings.  The idea is to either do yoga or jog/walk on weekday mornings.  Not only will it get our bodies moving, but it will make the days longer and we’ll have feel-good endorphins working for when we have to “network” with (say) members of the Jamaican government over the phone.  Anyway, it’s a plan.

We did 20 mins. of Rodney Yee and it’s a good start.  Just hope to keep it up.  Is it bad that we ate chocolate chip pancakes with coffee in congratulations, directly afterward ::wince::?

Big Day in Port Antonio—Wish Me Luck
I’m looking forward to brief meetings with: Portland Health Promoters, 4H Development officer, SDC officers and PEPA’s manager, as well as important emails and grocerying for our company this weekend.  Ever since we moved into our new place, people keep jockeying for visits (which is great-makes us feel important!).  Rob & Sean are coming this weekend, then we’re in Ocho Rios for training, then for TGiving—Nick & his gal from the states are whisking us away to our NE coast.  I’m gonna try punkin pie again and maybe a casserole. ::wink:: not taking on turkey this year.
What are you guys doing for Turkey Day? It’s interesting celebrating here, where TGiving is just another day.  I wish we could find football to watch somewhere. Oh well, we’ll settle for a movie on the laptop.

[update] It went pretty well…The meetings actually went well!  I never have enough time online to check everything off of my “to do in Porti” list, but it is what it is.  WTJ. It’s official. ::hee hee::

4 Responses

  1. so my aunt [who did a lot of volunteer work in her twenties] was asking me “so what do they actually do down there– what’s a normal day of work like for them?”

    and I wasn’t able to even start describing anything– i know all about your house, how pretty everything is, what the people are like, some about the PC administration/training, the food you are eating, living arrangements past and present, the parties you are having, bright moon pictures, the beaches, rivers, jungles, and mountains, but might I request a blog devoted to some of the tasks you take on on a daily basis? Like if some kid brought you to their 4th grade show and tell- what would you say to the kids?

    I know you’ve left bits and pieces of this information inside some of your blogs- but I was left replying to my aunt when asked that question this past weekend:

    “well josh is a civil engineer and was and/or still is working on a road- I’m not sure if that’s a daily thing or not, and Jesse is doing anthropology stuff… apparently there are lots of meetings, phone calls, networking- but I’m not 100% what they are about, or what their purpose is–”

    and she seemed confused and asked what that really meant you were doing… and then I realized I was unable to answer her question and I said I’d get back to her…

    not saying you haven’t already answered some or ALL of these questions in previous blogs- I just need it broken down real simple-like… I’m only a pharmer-cist…. I just know drugs :)

  2. Thanks for the update…I love reading these and am getting really excited about my visit in April…it will be the pre-Jesse bday bash 2009! I should hear back fro my travel agent this week!

  3. Scott–we’ll get on that entry. Sorry we’ve left you with a vague idea. I think it’s due in part to our vague idea of what we’re doing at various points, thus far, but we can give an update.

    Also, I could be wrong, but I wrote an entry in September that gave an overview of the projects we’re working on. Until we fill you in, that could be a good place to look.

    Core–BRING IT ON. Bring it. On. Bring it on. ;)

  4. gotcha– and I’m sure it’s more my fault for reading too fast and not letting it soak in than it is either of you for not actually providing the info–

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