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Hi all! Josh and I are still on our way back to site after a week of training/respite in Ocho Rios with our group( J79).  It was inspiring, educational, relaxing, a little chaotic and overwhelming, etc.  Now, we are sort of gearing up for our next phase, hopefully the phase where things really start coming together with our schedules/projects/”work.”  There’s SO much to write about and very little time to do it.  Thus, we’ll save it–let you know that we intend to get more int’l mins soon (but we’re out until…Monday or so)–and let you know we’re okay.  We’re okay. :)

Christmas is just right around the corner! Pretty incredible that we’ve been here since July 3–feels like yesterday and other days it feels like a loooong time.

Thanks, as always, for keeping up with us.  I can’t dwell on all that we’re missing with you all–back in the states: Halloween, football season, memorable moments (congrats to Patrick & Amanda and to Steven Reed (and his wtb!)), and get-togethers of any and all kinds.  We are getting-together and doing the same kinds of things here, with new family stand-ins (though you’re irreplaceable) and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all–We are so happy to have you in our lives.

P.S. (haha) We’ve updated the To Send page. Go see it. Let it motivate you, with your Christmas cheer and all ($$$).


2 Responses

  1. Hey friend, just wanted to say hi and that you are missed dearly!!! Am so excited about visiting you all in April! I’ll try to call sometime soon!!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving friends!
    Do you get days off for U.S. holidays?

    Oh hey, I was going to send a pic or post it for you, but I saw the Nashville photo book sitting in the window of Davis Kidd! It was like having our own personal Josh Hunter palooza.

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