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My Favorites from a Few Weeks Back

so in this first one, kenneth has expressed his disapproval for an unethical choice made by jack. however, jack simply cant let it go and let kenneth be the better man, so he sets up this elaborate situation in an attempt to force kenneth into what is seemingly a “lose-lose” situation…

i find this hilarious and moving. both because kenneth, without questioning the bizarre situation at all, reaches for the gun and attempts to save everyone. and the look on jack’s face as he realizes what kenneth would’ve done. so amazing. so hilarious.

this next one is a mock sales call situation brought about due to poor customer reviews for dwight and jim. i love how dwight and michael immediately jump into the situation as though it’s a real sales call as soon as things turn sour on the other “line.” michael even runs the scenario of firing dwight for this fake million dollar sale. amazing.


One Response

  1. Oh my gosh…this just made my day! I miss the Office soo much!

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