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I... Fell Down Some Stairs...

5 Responses

  1. I am really glad you are not more seriously injured. Poor little 10.5 though; it is pretty amazing the glass didn’t break. how is the camera?

  2. Does that need stitches?

  3. You really need to put warnings in your titles about graphic violence. Yargh!

  4. Josh is okay-no stitches, although we DID visit the ER on the busiest shopping day of the year (which didn’t affect us in the slightest–yay). They just gave him butterfly closure-thingies. It’s healing okay, but is still way gross.

    And Cara–I totally agree. At least make it a tiny picture and give folks the choice of whether to make it bigger! sorry bout that.

    Tyler–it works fine. He’s been testing it in all sorts of lights, etc. It just needs a new lens cap. Pretty lucky!

  5. the camera is totally fine. even the lens (aside from the cracks and whatnot) works fine. i can see busted glass on it but nothing shows up in any shot. so… pretty amazing.

    yeah i’m lucky i didnt break an arm or completely shatter my camera.

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