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dude, finally…

  • I can share toothbrushes w/ my beloved (when necessary) w/o getting (too) grossed out…although still can’t do the tongue-cleaning motion with it.  Doesn’t seem right.
  • There’s this feeling people have, sort of an “I want to go home” feeling, when away for even just a day or two. Finally, I can say I’ve felt that.  Overnight trips are fun adventures, but it’s always good to get back up the hill.
  • I had serious doubts, but it has come to pass—I’m chilly. In JAMAICA.  Josh just went to wish someone happy birthday down the road and he came back to get a hoodie!  It feels great!  (The coolness is accompanied by crippling humidity, but that’s another story.)
  • And people tell us to expect even cooler temps into January!
  • We hosted a couple at our house and it worked out just fine!  Now, they are probably some of the most low-maintenance folks you’ll meet (and thoughtful, generous, optimistic, etc.), but the staying of more than one person is ground-breaking.  I hope to have another double mattress here before our next couple visits.  Nick & Linz—thanks for a great time!
  • An overnight occasion at the Glass House and nothing got tiifed (aka stolen)! PROGRESS.
  • Another great stay with Tracy (our embassy hook-up!) in Kingston.  We had some business to attend to, and we got a little R&R in there too—washer/dryer, high speed internet, cable, workout room, a/c, hot water.  With all this rain in Portland, I really appreciate the good dry on my undies & jeans!  Here’s to taking a reeeeaaalllly long shower too.  Not to mention we got to hang out with our favorite Idahoans. Fun times—we always end up staying longer than planned!
  • Someone (in Cambodia) has purchased airline tickets to visit us!  Corey is officially visiting in late April and I’m pretty impressed and pumped.  Others have voiced interest/intent to visit—Hunters in January, my mom in Feb, maybe Cloud in Feb (or sometime)
  • Finally—really good tacos!  We really pulled out a delicious, however non-traditional, Thanksgiving meal at the Glass House last night.  Even though we got a late start…even though we had to make a pit-stop at the Port Antonio ER…all the ingredients came together and made incredibly perfect tacos.  A good taco is comfort food for Josh and myself.  Over tacos, 5 people became “family.”  It was that good.

2 Responses

  1. The latest pics are terrific! Glad your Thanksgiving was warm with friends. We got your package today..I’ll email our appreciation! Any word on our package to you? Love you both and certainly hope the trip to the ER wasn’t serious and neither of you was the “victim.” Love you both and miss you bunches!

  2. yessss I may be very very excited to spend time with you guys! I’m so excited to see your valley.

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