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For anyone living in Jamaica, this scene needs no description.

Jamaica's National Past Time

However, for those who don’t, this is an all too familiar scene: old men standing around playing dominoes and drinking white overproof rum (80% i think) (pepsi optional).


6 Responses

  1. Josh,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading you blog and seeing all the pictures you’ve taken. Keep up the good work. Just wanted to tell you that the cruise I’m going on in January will take me to Belize City. Not real close to you guys, but as close as I’m going to be. I of course will look way east and take a picture.

  2. So, it just occurred to me that from Belize I’m going to the Virgin Islands, so I’ll pass right by you guys. Again, I’ll be sure to take a picture pointed in your direction.

  3. hey arthur thanks a lot for keeping up with us. never been to belize but january will be a perfect time for any play near the equator. cool and dry. have fun.

  4. Hey guys. Glad to see things are well with you. Merry Christmas. You have a package in the mail. I tried to find you a copy of “Teen Wolf 2” but everyone is out (must be the holiday run on Teen Wolf gear). Now with the postcard and the wall with your picture spray painted on it can you officially say you’re big in Europe?

    PS it’s 2008 (see flicker Christmas card)

  5. thanks for checking on TW2. if it’s any consolation, that will only make this Christmas my 2nd worse ever (the first being the time I didn’t get a SNES).

    yeah, i guess i am a pretty big deal over there. but i’ll admit, i saw it coming.

    ps. what are you talking about? the 2007 links back to the 2007 card. what ARE you talking about?

  6. Wow, I’m a little slow. I thought that was the title of the current card. (to much nog)

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