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This is a kitten we found along our road, headed away from ded yaad (toward our house) after a grave digging on Wednesday.  A lady pon di ruod told us that she belonged to the lady who just died and that she would need a new family.  Thus, we gladly filled that spot!  We have yet to finalize a name for this adorable one–She is the first feline we’ve met in Ja who seems to want love (and give it back).  If she doesn’t run off, then we’ll keep her.





Possible names:  Kingsley, Wednesday, Sundance, Penny, __________.

Pictured below are the neighbor’s kittens, who don’t like love in any form other than food:

crinkle-01 We call this one Crinkle.

alien-01 This one’s Alien or Smiegel.


15 Responses

  1. She is SO stinking cute! Love it. Love the names.
    The neighbor’s kittens are NOT…

  2. Add this song to any of your cat videos and it makes it really funny and I guess cute? lol

  3. That last cat….I mean that is one of the mangiest cats I have ever seen! I would almost say name him Garbage, but I think thats too nice of name. It kind of reminds of me Agent Jack Bauer. You know that one cat from Sunny in Philadelphia? The one that wont die and that likes gasoline? lol

  4. I like Kingsley!

    The other two cats appear to have sad dark circles underneath their eyes. Is this endemic?

  5. I love him and can’t wait to meet him in April!!! Stop calling that one cat Allen…he’s so a Smiegel…you could sell those pictures to animal shelters in the us!

  6. yeah kingsley is good. Smeigel fits that cat well.

  7. oh yeah, in regards to your other post, I actually had a cat named isoceles when I was elementary age. It had all it’s legs but being the nerd I am I just thought it was a cool name.

  8. What about Wailer for Bob Marley’s group? Or Bolt?

  9. Kittens: strikingly cute, awkward confidence, endearing neediness…most importantly soft fur.

    Possible names: Kingsley, Wednesday, Sundance, Penny, __________…Tiger Baby, Ms. Tabbiness, Razor Claw, Crate Queen, Ms. Elegant Python Tail. The names may be long, but you’ll warm up to them.

    Mr. Smiegel’s a blood transfusion waiting to happen.

  10. Forgot to say I like Kingsley. And have to say you are lucky to get cute cats there…here they have this genetic mutation that either gives them a crooked tail or a numb…and they are normally really ugly and small.

  11. so cUte! i vote for Sundance or Penny. You could use something uplifting running around your house, and either of those names would do the trick!

  12. i also like Ms. Elegant Python Tail.

  13. Adorable little thing. Glad you crossed paths. No opinion on the names…you have some good ones! Check your other email address Jess. Love you two! Mom

  14. i dont even know why we tried naming her ourselves when beastmaster was just brimming with prize winners.

  15. Gosh-wow. These comments made me laugh (and cry…while laughing). Thanks for that. Sounds like Kingsley’s our winner…or Ms.Elegant Python Tail -MEPT for short?

    We DID mention it’s a girl, right? hmm.
    How about Nibbler?

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