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Truth & Love, all five senses

The last week and a half has been so full of blessings–from far and near.

  • Staying at Powell Plaza (the embassy housing facility in Kingston) with the Schumakers & Alicia, spending time w/ Roger & Drosa (sp?) and enjoying all the amenities that come with the stay–laundry, a/c, cable, high speed internet, hot/bug-less showers, etc. Bigops to Tracy (our embassy ANGEL)  for once again providing a safe, comfortable oasis for us on the Rock.
  • MAIL GALORE, full of goodies from FL & Cambodia, was ours to cherish when we arrived at the PC Office! The lady in charge of packages actually found me to say, “please take ALL your stuff when you leave!”  Yay.
    • Kristina (Troyers) ~ I think I know why you guys didn’t make the trip to CO this Christmas…our care packages! What delicious, high-quality surprises in those boxes–thank you so much! Some of it we tore into right away and some we are saving.  But everything remained freshly sealed & ready for us.  The calendar is great–thanks for sending us one. Can’t wait to cook with all the spices too! You amaze me.
    • Corey-Sue ~ If you ever decide to open a little business on Etsy.com or someting, I know your customers will be thrilled with the presentation of your wares when they come in the mail!  Wish we could’ve put these precious things under our tree, but our reaction was exactly the same!  The clothes fit us both perfectly and are just our style (well, mine are cuter than normal, but that’s GOOD)!  The beer shirts–classic. I love the necklace & ornament too. You bless us so much.  Now I need to find some sweet Jamrock stuff to send. sheesh.
  • Jim & Terri arrived at Norman Manley Airport right on time & we embarked–in a rental car, through Ktown, in the dark. ha. What an adventure, but very fun times throughout the week!  Josh’s parents were happy to rough it in our part of town for a couple nights–the sun came just enough for us to walk around, drive to Ambassabeth & meet our VIPs.  They were patient as we left them w/ our kitty to attend the big Millbank funeral (which was a muddy mess), and were gracious guests.  Tuesday, we explored around Porti and NE coast (Trident Castle is now a favorite of mine!) and headed to Sunset Ja Grande Hotel in Ochi.  The rest of the week was luxurious–food I didn’t cook or clean up, pool-beach-jacuzzi, casino, open bar….ugh. “Do I HAVE to leave?” On Saturday, we drove back to the airport, saw them off and headed back to site.  It was a good week, even with our trimester reports for PC due and concerns for Nannaw back home.  Jim & Terri, thanks again…so much.  We’re so happy to your kids!  Remember–visitors welcome.

So now it’s February–how time flies (and seems to stand still at the same time).  With lots of new food stuffs and supplementary new clothing (yippee!), we are embarking on the new year…a little late, but what’s new-TIJ.  The truth is, Josh and I still feel quite unstable in or job descriptions at site and the way(s) forward.  We feel unsure & unsettled in the theoretical questions concerning our roles as PC in Jamaica.  This could also be expressed like:  [Jamaica + PC mission = better Jamaica.  Jamaica + PC reality = ??]

I should also mention I keep going back to this couple of lines from Brooke Fraser’s Deciphering Me:

It’s love, it’s love that holds us.
We will be alright.
It’s truth, it’s truth that shows us
If we’ll walk in its light.

Jamaica mi family


4 Responses

  1. Soo happy it all fit! I had a load of fun puttng it all together. Be thinking about what you want me to bring over with me.

  2. “When i can’t feel You i have learned to reach out just the same.

    When i can’t hear You, i know you still hear every word i pray.

    And i want You more than i want to live another day.

    So as i wait for You, maybe i’m made more faithful.”

  3. Have you seen the Bonnaroo lineup yet? Don’t look. If you look, don’t cry too hard.

  4. COME BACK! I miss you too much! Hope you’re having a GREAT time! Love YA

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