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All We Need is Love

We are now flying over Cuba on the way back to Kingston, Jamaica (from Nashville, TN).  The trip home was FULL (as in jam-packed) and, as my dad-in-law said, we most definitely ‘hit the high points.’  We spared no dietary expense this week, as we partook of whatever delicacy came to mind at any given point of day/night—yeah, it was awesome and, no, neither of our stomachs are thanking us.  We got a second chance at packing for Peace Corps—finding things in storage that we should’ve packed and obtaining little things that we miss like crazy at our site.  We even got to help a few folks in Ja get some much desired stuff from home.  We’re happy to help!

Although the visit home was very short notice, not long enough and we just could not fit everything into the allotted time, I feel like we still were able to make meaningful connections with friends and family.  The trip definitely served its purpose, plus!  Here are some shout-outs to those whose necks we got to hug, who make our lives SO much more colorful and full of joy (There are too many names of folks we didn’t get to see during the trip—you’re special too and you’d better know it!)
Wanda “Nannaw” Williams
Jim, Terri & Jordan Hunter (and farm)
David & Carol Chapman (and B&B)
Tim, Jenny, Jacob & Abby Williams
Bob & Karen Hunter (from TX)
Scott & Todd Burka (and cats)
Jessica Nyce, Chris, Lily & Embree Unick (and cats)
Kim Hunt (and big dog)
Sarah Peacock
Cara & Dave Donahue (and cats)
TVC vips – Leiwekes, Marcus, Dahlgrens, Thomases
Chris & Jen Cooke
Billy & Jody & Alison (and foods and Billcourt)
Civil Site homeboys (and Mary)
Ben Bowen (a pleasant surprise)
Sheila Denemark (RPCV extraordinaire!)
Allison Brown (also a pleasant surprise)

So I’m no longer on the plane back to Ja.  We’re back in country, have been for a few days now and I’m still trying to process all the wit & wisdom (and change) taken from our visit home.  After arriving at Norman Manley Int’l Airport on Thursday morning, we were privileged to again be cradled in the Collin Powell Plaza (home to U.S. foreign service) lap of luxury for the next two days/nights.  Andrea & Will hung out there with us, too, and partook of more quasi-vacation – good grocery stores, laundry machines, a/c, cable, movies (we FINALLY saw He’s Just Not That Into You!), and let our friends Chuck & Tracy spoil us.  Let me tell you-it was tough to leave that place, just like it was tough leaving home!

We got back and everything on the bush front was A-okay, excepting the collapsed road at Friday.  Kitten was just fine and house was just as we left it.  Unpacking was a chore, since we now officially have more stuff here than space.  Suppose it was inevitable?

As I quietly lament missing the Oscars on tv tonight, I’m still trying to figure out my new mantra for the next spring months.  It was really interesting to return to the states, even just as an emotional experiment.  You’d think that being back would make us reticent to return to PC duty.  Not that I didn’t have moments of that feeling, but it actually provided some much needed perspective that re-readied me FOR PC duty.  Funny how that works.  I think it may fall into that category of doing good things or making good choices because you know they are the right things for you to do, even though at the time, you feel like doing the opposite.  Flying over Cuba, on the plane, I wasn’t keen on coming back.  However, now that I AM back, I’m glad.  The feelings catch up with your commitment to doing the thing…talk about practical application.

During our visit, I ran across a quote that keeps coming to my mind:
“Who, being loved, is poor?” Oscar Wilde

•    Here’s a picture from an exhibit we caught at MIA

All We Need Is Love

•    IHOD (Intl House of Donahues)

Int'l House of Donahues
Int’l House of Donahues

•    Bubble Tea & We

I hope this is the one where Todd is cross-eyed.
I hope this is the one where Todd is cross-eyed.

•    Pretty Girls
pretty princesses
•    Meet your Mac(ker)

sorry bout the sideways-ness. still she looks excited!
sorry bout the sideways-ness. still she looks excited!

beautiful afternoon at Powell
•    Mom

Also, just FYI – Josh and I have individual blogs, where we share non-PC related info.  Most of you know this, but thought I’d mention it.  I just moved mine to wordpress, mostly for convenience. If you want to FIND IT (please?!), just go to my former blog and look for the new link. Thanks!


5 Responses

  1. I love the MAC photo. HA! The little things, right? We are so glad we did get to hug your necks if even for a moment. Miss you. Glad you’re safe!

  2. You guys are seriously the BEST! I don’t know what we would do without you here- I guess try to make other friends- thank goodness we don’t have to do that! Thanks for all the time you spent with us at Powell! We are so grateful to have you both in our lives! Just remember let go and let god— finally my last word of wisdom, “Bend OVER!

  3. At least I knew we were in the same geographical area for a while. I hope she knows that cover voids the warranty on that mac, if it was still active.

  4. see jess, even though i “blog-blocked” you, you still got comments!

    and tyler, how does it void the warranty? i’ve never heard that.

  5. I even got comments on MY new blog. What can I say–our friends and family use their brains to scroll down AND visit linked sites. I LOVE our people!

    A&W-We feel the same. Good luck on the new digs (w/ A/C!!!!!). :) Can’t wait to visit.

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