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Feb-March Notables:

February – March Notables:

  • We attended a community meeting this week, hosted by our Portland SDC, where our community listed their development needs and then prioritized them in order of importance.  Here’s what was decided (most to least important):  road/bridge repairs, marketing for agriculture, skills training/employment, access to property deeds, disposal of solid waste, health clinic.  Regardless if this list corresponds with my personal assessment of needs, I have to say how proud I am of the small, committed groups of community members who have really hung in there to get the community profile data this far.  I really wish they’d let me stay on and be part of it.
  • It’s STILL RAINING, cats and dogs.  While the majority of the island is in dry season, it’s still raining in good ole Portland. Yippee? Although, we noticed this week that it’s distinctly less cool out. Rain and hot—come on.
  • No visitors scheduled for March, from near or far.  This is kind of a bummer, as we were hoping to see some of our favorite folks. However, it’ll give us some time to focus on tasks at hand (almost) before a visit-packed April and May.  I guess you could say we’re really working out that 3rd goal of Peace Corps. You’re welcome? We heart visitors-always nice to share our lil slice of Comfort Castle.
  • We’ve been watching lots of tv and it’s awesome.  I highly recommend watching tv on dvd.
  • I made something…a hat. See? Want one? Lemme know.
so easy even JESSE can do it!

so easy even JESSE can do it!

we make some mean fishfaces!

we make some mean fishfaces!

5 Responses

  1. oh MY!!! i heart hat… specifically YOUR newly made one! i’m so proud of you! i never try to make anything because i’m sure it’d be bad :) needless to say, if you’re up for the task, i WANT one!

    glad you’re home safe and sound. let me hear from you. dad and kim have both asked me if i’ve talked to you. i know you’re busy, but i hate telling them no.

  2. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  3. Jesse,

    You are too freaking beautiful (I edited that for your other readers…but that was my first thought when I saw the pictures) Also, you forgot to say that really you are living for April 21 when your favorite Cambodian gets there!!!

  4. I concur, you website have great content!

    I also heart the hat. You say you don’t have to have mad knitting skilz, but seriously, not everyone (i.e. me) can do that. I knit scarves and anything that is flat.

  5. Go to Joann’s, Hobby Lobby (or the like) and get you one of the round “nifty knitter” looms. It looks like a big, round, plastic crown or something. I’m trying to figure out how to make non-round things with the round loom, but not going too well thus far.

    Thanks for saying. I’m excited to complete something from start to finish…quite a rush! :)

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