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Me on the Internet

Of all the things I should be doing, this was not one of them. HOWEVER… well, there’s not much justification other than making myself happier. You know how sometimes you get online to accomplish one thing and after an hour you’ve strayed completely off track and can’t even remember what you’d initially planned on doing? Yeah, this is that.

I went around looking for people using my shots on whatever. Mostly blogs I suppose. Ah well, it’s fun. I can’t believe how often people use my flying Christmas card…

onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleventwelve (this one’s pretty cool although it’s clearly in violation of the Creative Commons license applied to it) – thirteenfourteenfifteen

And that’s all for now. We finally got the Oscars downloaded so it’s Oscars and Tacos tonight! (can you believe I made it this long without finding  ANYthing out about who won??)

WRONG: Oscars were password protected. The curtain must remain up.
RIGHT: I got a copy! I’m finally going to learn who won!.

Oh yeah, did any of you get a sweet personalized happy birthday from Kanye West? Yeah, well, I did. No biggie fries.




6 Responses

  1. You are so talented, Josh. No wonder people want to snag your photos.

    It looks like most of them gave you credit for the photo taking. I am curious, however, to how you feel when folks don’t, even if it is just a random blog or something of the sorts.

    Also, on a creative note: very interesting to see that sites of all different languages/origin used your images (Korean?, German?, Spanish, etc.) Just goes to say that good photography is good photography, no matter what language is spoken.

  2. youre too kind to respond to my self absorbed post.

    yeah most people seem to follow the guidelines/etiquette pretty well. i’d say 95% don’t ask or tell me, but it’s nice to know that they almost all link back to me. plus i’d be a major hypocrite if i didnt stand by (one of) my motto(s): piracy is better than obscurity. meaning, i’d rather a million people post a photo of mine without my knowledge than only have 10 people ever see it. (of course, taking credit for someone else’s work is an entirely different story.)

    yeah all the various cultures. it sort of blows my mind how many people use our Christmas card. i mean, it was just a Christmas card! it has about 6000 more views on flickr than my shot that made the CaptureMusicCity cover. crazy.

  3. Hey Josh, let me some words. I used your photo in a web you mentioned. But I guess you don’t undertstand the terms of Creative Commons. A link with your name (attribution), non-commercial purposes (I used the shot to illustrate a post) and no derivate works, I’m free to copy, distribute and transmit the work.

  4. Speaking of booyah…….

  5. hey rwx

    from what you describe, you’re completely correct on your use in terms of Creative Commons. unless it was the one above in which i specified it was in violation, then i have no problem with it and i’m honored you chose use it.

    the instance i was referring to was: http://www.servethesong.net/the-craft/the-differences-between-songwriting-in-new-york-city-nashville/

    this deals with a derivative of the work which isn’t allowed under that particular license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/deed.en

    however, they didn’t bastardize my shot or anything like that, so it’s not worth making a fuss (in fact it’s cool that they chose it to represent Nashville vs NY). the thing is, if someone asks me, i’ll pretty much always let them use my shot for anything. i’ve never said “no” to anyone.

    sorry about the misunderstanding, rwx.

  6. Nashville vs NY, xD.

    Thanks for the explain and congratulations on your shots :)

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