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And She Shall Be Called… Goob


Like most cats, ours appears to have a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on, so we figured, why not two names?


So when she’s Dr. Jekyll, we shall refer to her as Fur Baby.


And when she’s Mr. Hyde, she’s Goob.


Easy as that!

And now for another glimpse into a special little guy we like to call, Garbage the Cat.


How could you resist those eyes and that gangly rat-body??


I’ve started to take pity on Garbage again. He sits on the porch or walks up and looks at me and he gives me this look that just says, “Look, we both know what I look like. But I need help. Let’s not kid ourselves, I need some real help. I’m not asking to sleep on your bed (again), but maybe you could give me some cheese.”  So I try and be more patient with the poor bastard.


One Response

  1. HILARIOUS! I’ll tell you what he’s thinking- i’m going to inpregnate your precious little kitty and have garbage-goobers! Love the pictures though- she is such a cute little kitty! Love you guys Too!

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