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Why I Enjoy Portland

(I did not alter these shots)



Great Huts Jump

Jesse’s mom just came down for a week. We took her around our area and Port Antonio. These were at Great Huts. I just love it out there. Breezy, hammocks, and water so blue it seems fake.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve really been enjoying your pictures lately. I think you’ve inspired me to get a nice camera. Now if I could purchase some photography skills I’d be set. Colorado won’t be same without you guys. We’ll be thinking of you while we pound snow!

  2. Josh and Jesse,
    Great Huts was my all time favorite spot in Jamaica. Happy to see that you two are still keeping on. Much happiness to you both!

    Love and Peace,

  3. thanks a lot, sam. quite a compliment. while a good camera certainly doesn’t hurt, you can do most things with any camera. sure, quality varies, but the science and concepts behind a photograph are the same. and as for skills, i would say… 97% of what I know I learned by myself on the internet. it’s all there! (for free!)

    hey karen thanks for checking up on us! yeah we’re doing fine. nothing is fantastic by any means, but we’re “gettin tru.” hope matt is well and that you guys are doing great.

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