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We’re in Kingston again for a couple days; hanging out with the Schumakers on Easter weekend.

It’s always nice to come to town and enjoy the AC, hot water, internet, and TV. Hope everyone has a great Easter with your families.


(30sec out under a 3/4 moon)


(7 image panorama – out at Dry River Falls. this is the waterfall and swimming hole (view it larger))


(a chicken)


2 Responses

  1. I like the first and last shots. Really cool…. I need to come up with some more stuff to send you both. Anything in particular you know about but haven’t seen?

  2. well, we’ve been in Kingston enough recently that i’ve gotten everything I could think of. I even got Freaks & Geeks today! so i’m not sure. i think we have everything!

    unless you think of some random things. i get most popular things but i probably miss a lot. so if you have something random in either music or movies, you can try that.

    but yeah, in general, i think we’re set :)

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