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Ta Da

And For My 200th...

What’s that? How did I so easily get a picture of mine on a website? Well that’s not hard! I just put it online for someone to “appropriate!”

UPDATE: Fair enough, Jesse. I’ll hold off judgement till all the facts are in.

Also, thanks Jody for finding this and giving me a shout.


4 Responses

  1. Maybe we should call it “use without asking” until the guy responds? We’d better start talking about peace corps sometime soon.

  2. I love the “Ghettoness” of that site. Good luck getting them to respond….

  3. Not trying to be difficulty or jerky here, but I’m curious… does this affect your view about people who appropriate other media (movies, TV shows, music, games, etc.)?

  4. not really, no. I don’t download someone’s music and claim it to be my own. If I was to download someone’s music and then use it in manner that promoted my own projects for commercial purposes (making money) without their permission or paying for rights, then I would be in the same boat.

    good question though.

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