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I’m thinking about shortening Goob to G.O.B. Your thoughts?


One I took of Maeby during out trip back home last February.

The Maeby Look

(View larger on my photoblog)

I have a long post coming up so stop reading everything else and save your eyes.


5 Responses

  1. G.Ö.B.

  2. Happy late B-day to Jess, and thanks so much for the Jamaican mix CD!!! It’s so awesome! I’ll totally be spinning it on the college station. Lord T & Eloise (are you familiar with them?) actually sampled the first track you put on there (Chase the Devil) at their show tonight at Mercy Lounge!

  3. I miss that lil guy…I can’t wait till I move and get my Buster and Annyong!

  4. todd is that pronounced “joob?”

    kassi, awesome. it’s not… my music of choice by any means, but it’s music. thought you’d enjoy the change. maybe. anywho, no i’ve never heard of Lord T & Eloise, but that’s awesome. the first time i heard a sample from that was an old Prodigy song.

  5. When Maeby decides to be a cat model, she can use this as her headshot. You know, for auditions and autographs.

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