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The River Rises

We got some rain recently. Huh. Yeah, we get rain here. So here’s a picture of the river normally…

carol jesse bridge-1

This is what it looked like this morning when we woke up.


I swear it’s up about 15ft. I’ve never seen anything like it.


(Below is where we took our Christmas Card photo.)



7 Responses

  1. it is a lot O water, stay clear of it. jhunter

  2. wowzers! 100 year flood plain perhaps?? i’m such a nerd…

  3. Yikes!!! Can’t believe what I’m seeing! What has this much water done to the roads…..,especially Friday? Ya’ll stay safe. How high did the creek behind your house get? This is amazing. Thanks for the pictures, although it makes me nervous for you both. Comfort me with a response please. Love you both BUNCHES!! Mom xxx ooo xxx

  4. Break out the inner-tubes man and pack a cooler.
    Your mate is a very patient woman.
    It’s all Gore’s fault you know.

  5. haha. I was NOT ready for pictures. Can you tell?

  6. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?!?!


  7. The river reminds me of pudding. I can’t decide if it’s more like chocolate or butterscotch.

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