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I Cut My Hand Again


This time it was just the machete. Apparently, I sharpen sharp things well.

I gotta get some gloves.

Tracy, our most amazing and giving Embassy worker, is leaving this week. She’s packing everything today. She deserves her own post so I’ll save how awesome she is for that.


7 Responses

  1. As a person who easily gets nauseated at the site of blood or wounds, I must say well done with the picture sir. Well done.


  2. ha. thanks. yeah, i do too. for me it’s not so bad when it’s my wound (as opposed to someone else’s). and since this one wasn’t as bad as the last and i survived it fine :)

  3. Yikes!! You’ll be feeling that one for a good while!

    I know you both will miss…REALLY miss Tracy. What a nice lady. If you have the opportunity, tell her I said hello and happy travels!

    I know you have neosporin to put on that wound……it’s the “miracle medicine.” And yes, get some gloves!

    xxx ooo xxx

  4. Nice! Keep it clean!

  5. wow, you could have lost the whole finger!

  6. Have you thought of getting chainmail gauntlets?!?!!

  7. i have thought about a pair of gauntlets. The problem is that shipping on those to jamaica is just out of this world!

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