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We were fortunate enough to get to go see UP the other day while in Kingston. It’s a rare treat when we get to see a film in a theater. It’s always an odd, but enjoyable event. The refreshments are cheap ($2 large popcorn), there’s a 10min intermission that always catches you by surprise, there’s always some Jamaicans that laugh at the most inappropriate things, and the intro reels are clearly the originals from the 60s. But hey, you still get to see a new movie.

Right, so we got to see UP. It was tremendous. Visually gorgeous (of course). First off, the short beforehand, Partly Cloudy, was just brilliant. Pixar does such an amazing job telling stories. Say what you want about them having the best technology and the most money and therefore the best looking films, but they are incredible story tellers. Period. And I thought Partly Cloudy was one of their best. What I love about Pixar is that they understand what makes a film fun yet touching. So they have this recipe: You take a simple story with characters struggling with real problems that everyone faces and understands and then put those characters in a bizarre and humorous setting. It’s so simple and brilliant. Partly Cloudy is just about being the odd man out and feeling rejected, but they tell it using giant cloud creatures and storks and in a 5min span. Up is simply about loss and the struggle to reevaluate what’s really important in your life. But it’s told in such a crazy setting with hilarious characters that you forget it’s such a simple and easlily relateable story. The talking dogs? Such a hilarious and brilliant plot device.

So anyway, I could go on, but you get it. Just another gold medal for Pixar. I think when someone produces something (art, food, anything) and everytime it’s better than the last, that’s talent. Obviously, Pixar has that talent, but what’s really evident is their refusal to set the bar any lower than the absolute highest possible. And UP is just another beautiful example of that.


2 Responses

  1. It was so good! Up, Star Trek, and The Hangover have been just about the only good movies out in a long time. Let me know if you haven’t seen the other two. I can see what I can dig up!

  2. yeah I saw UP recently as well and would agree with everything you say. Partly Cloudy was just about solely worth the $13 we Americans in the states pay just to get in. When the dogs were introduced though I almost threw up laughing so hard.

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