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Josh Co’s First Bashment Poster

This is far from my usual design… well, I guess I don’t have much of a usual design. Maybe I should say, this is pretty far from how I would prefer a party poster. HOWEVER, it is NOT far from how Jamaicans prefer party posters. Their designs are extremely busy with too much information in many distracting fonts. Oh, and there’s always a scantily clad woman(s) (if you’re lucky, sometimes there’s very distasteful nudity). So this is my best first effort to match their style but still hold onto some similance of structure and order (I even tried to keep the woman tasteful). (This was done for a friend’s birthday party and I took the two pictures up top. The words are straight from them.) So yeah, this should give you some idea of… well, I’m not exactly sure what this should tell you. Just thought it’d be fun to share it with you. (I kept the thumbnail small in case some small child wanders onto here. Hope no one’s offended.)


Let me know if you want one for YOUR birthday :)


2 Responses

  1. NOW I’m getting a feel for your “style”. I see our “Teen Wolf” time was not spent in vain. JK nice job given what you had to work with!

    PS The other pics you’ve been posting are amazing!

  2. Josh, I’m going to need one made for my birthday. k,thanks.

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