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Generation Kill

Jess and I just finished watching the HBO mini-series Generation Kill. I highly recommend it. The Inglemans gave it to us last month and we just finished it. It’s based on a book written by a reporter that followed the first group of Marines into Iraq this last time around. The show clearly frowned upon the planning involved in the invasion but never tried to make the soldier look bad or wrong. In fact, I was really impressed with the line it walked in giving it’s opinions. It gave me a completely new insight into what struggles modern soldiers face and how they view their service. It was a powerful series. Really makes you appreciate the armed forces and the quality of men you find in them. These are the people truly serving our country.

I’m sure you can Netflix this or something. It’s really a must.

2 Responses

  1. i have also read this blog post.

    Scott Burka

  2. Remember’ and never, never, never forget that we Americans would all be speaking German today, if it weren’t for the total commitment of all our armed forces in WWII!
    Have your intelligensia discussions @ 3am, and ponder over “Give Peace A Chance”, but when it comes down to the reality of the USA, we all owe our freedoms today to those who laid down their lives for us. Also, to those who stand ready to defend those freedoms!

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