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Goob Got Gilled

goob gill-1-2

We decided to get Goob fixed the other day. (They call it “gilled” here.) It was… an experience. The vet came up to our house from Port Antonio and literally fixed Goob on our veranda on our dominoes table. Took about 20min. He gave Goob a shot that knocked him down, set him on the table and removed the part that made sperm. Yeah, pretty gross. But Goob took it like a champ and he’s totally fine now.

goob gill-2-2 goob gill-3-2

(Poor little guy was so pitiful that day. Just totally out of it. and once he woke up his front legs couldn’t walk.)


2 Responses

  1. I have read this blog post. (and before anybody else, huh?)
    -Scott A Burka

  2. soWhatDoYouThinkOfTheEntry?

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