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I Shoot Graduations Now?

final student

I was the “official” photographer for Moore Town Primary’s graduation the other day. I had a good time. Photography is kind of exciting in that you never know what to fully expect in each situation and you never know what you need to do to do a good job every time. So I got there and found out I was taking 6 kids portraits for families that paid extra for it. I didn’t have a backdrop or multiple lights or really anything. I had one external flash and my camera. So Jess helped me out holding the flash and we did the best we could. I tried to set myself up with properly exposed shots and all the info I could get in each shot (ie, shot RAW) so that later I could really give it a go in post process.

(the kitchen studio)


On the left is the original shot (cropped) and the right is the final product.

before-after 3

What this shows me is that post processing is dang important. In fact, I’d say PP skills are equally as valuable as behind the camera skills nowadays. Seriously. Those hardcore whatevers out there can bash photoshop(ping) all they want, but this is the reality of modern day photography: if you don’t know how to process an image afterwards, you cannot compete with all the talent out there.

before-after 2

For these shots, I dropped all the sharpening and contrast and saturation down to 0 (the native level). Removed noise with Noise Ninja, smoothed out the skin with Portraiture Imagenomic, and finished the final contrast/levels/saturation in Lightroom. I actually impressed myself with the final images :) The image below shows a close-up on the skin treatment. It’s really quite delightful. (yeah I know I got the before and after on the wrong sides.)


That’s all for now.


2 Responses

  1. good job on these, when you get back you can have a job at my studio

  2. Awesome job!! Glad to see your true God given skills at use.

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