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I love several of Alli’s songs, but Eden is my perennial favorite.

This week was significant for Peace Corps-Jamaica.  Many 78ers finished their service with going-away parties and celebration dinners, with packing and cleaning their homes away from home and saying heartfelt goodbyes.  I know it’s been a week of mixed emotions, but mostly of a job well done and time well spent.  I got to know a few volunteers from this group and I have to say-these few I know are extraordinary people.  I’m so happy to have had the chance to know you, and I feel forever changed for the better (and I hope you feel the same, but wouldn’t blame you if you don’t).

So this means our group, the so-called ‘seventy-whiners’ (g79), becomes the veteran group–the ones you ask for guidance, resources, etc.  It’s amazing the transition that happens…2 months ago, I would have denied this responsibility with, “I just don’t know enough,” but now I’m kind of okay with it.  I still don’t know ENOUGH, but it’s enough for now and certainly enough to help someone else get started.

Just to level with you, I’m still struggling with the very things I struggled with back in October–lack of job structure, cultural/social differences, all things bright and beautiful.  And it’s not that I’m so into work now that I’m too busy to be introspective…or that every thing has settled into balance.  I don’t know.  The difference is that I’m starting to feel INVESTED.  In little ways, I am weaving myself into things–in the community, into a workload, and into Peace Corps.  It’s taken a lot longer than I expected, but expectations usually need adjusting before anything good can happen.  Being/feeling invested doesn’t mean that everything suddenly magically makes sense, but it does keep me busier and it helps tie me to my life here.  I still have a million questions instead of answers…I’m just coming to a peace with that.

We took a few days off from (trying to) work in order to properly introduce Jon, Aaron and friends to our likkle corner of Jamaica this week.  They arrived last Monday (7/21) and dropped us back at our house today (7/26).  They were a joy to have around–They blessed us incredibly with goodies from home and here (yay for Publix cheese and pretty hippie purses!), let us crash at their beach house and use their cars (with A/C!!), and they vacationed with great, flexible attitudes that made it way not stressful for the ‘tour guides’.  They were so independent and easy to please–just happy to get away from work and see the beach!

I honestly feel like I made a few new friends and got closer to a couple old friends this week.  Couldn’t have asked for more (well, except consistent water in the beach house). :)

During the week, Josh and I had to work a little too–and that went surprisingly well!  We helped at a summer camp in Fairy Hill for a day (I did my very first health lesson FINALLY) and Rob and I got the ball rolling with our Parish Disaster Coordinator on plans for this coming year.  All in all, what a successful week–I wish they could all be like this.

On a sad note, Josh and I are having major technical difficulties of late (just this past 9 days or so).  My mac keyboard is on the fritz, my camera stopped working, Josh’s camera card messed up half his photos from the week and his Microsoft Office isn’t functioning…in the technology department, it’s POURING rain.

So you can choose for me this time:  Good or evil, which should I tell?

How deep the Father’s love for us
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give his only Son
To make a wretch his TREASURE.

P.S. Almost 6 weeks til our big home visit!!!   xoxo, jess

4 Responses

  1. its so good to read a post from you jess! miss you

    “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6

  2. Love you sooooooo much Honey! Thanks for the positive update. Keep it coming!
    xxx ooo xxx

  3. You guys are awesome and will definitely fill the veteran/advisor rolls well. :) Trust yourselves!!! We definitely feel richer for the time we got to spend with you and we only wish there had been more…ah well, until our paths cross again.

    All the best!

  4. thanks for sharing your more-sturdy-sounding-than-previous heart :)

    i know the words are cliche and shallow most of the time, but i’m very proud of you. always have been. but for new and additional reasons now

    can’t wait to see you!

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