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When You Lose Your Photos

A few weeks back Jon Murphy and gang (7 of them!) came to visit. It was great fun. We hung out in Long Bay down the road from us at a beach house for a week with them. Just a really relaxing and enjoyable time.

However, when I plugged my 4GB (SanDisk Extreme III! come on!) card into my computer over half the images were instantly corrupted. Fantastic.


So the next time I was online I found a image recovery program. I used Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (actually bought it too… $40). (There was one for $30 (MediaRecovery, I think) but it didn’t seem to bring back as many of the shots.) I highly recommend it. It was easy to use and very thorough. It brought back all but 2 or 3 shots (including RAW files). It made me happy.

So take note. I didn’t do anything irresponsible with the card or ejecting it or anything. It just screwed up. It happens.


2 Responses

  1. I had that happen to one of my memory cards as well. I had fortunately already uploaded the images but had forgotten to delete them. I put it right back in to mass delete and nothing showed up on my computer or when I stuck it back into my camera. I didn’t know it then, but it turns out that it is pretty common for a memory card to just crap out at some point. Glad you got yours back!


  2. yup, everyone that uses digital photos needs to have recovery software. I’ll put a vote in for Lexar’s recovery program. I believe they package it with every Lexar card you buy.

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