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If you haven’t listened to Regina Spektor’s new album Far yet… well you should. It’s a no-brainer. If you’ve ever enjoyed her work before, you’ll love it. Period.

Sometimes when an artist I already know and love comes out with a new album it takes me a while to get into it. I fell for Far as fast as I did with Mate’s of States’ Re-Arrange Us: instantly. And if you’ve listened to her earlier albums, you know how unpolished (production-wise) they were. Begin to Hope had more studio production but I didn’t always get into those songs (Better) as much as I did the minimalist songs with just her. I think Far blends her and the studio much better overall.

Favorite songs: Wow. That’s tough. The Calculation (it’s got a bit of a Reggae beat!) (Shoot, the first three songs (Eet & Blue Lips) are all tremendous). Laughing With is wonderful. (I was reading an Amazon review that called Laughing “athiest bashing” and I remember thinking, “what a sensitive athiest that one is.” I guess I didn’t see the song bashing anyone.) I also really like Genius Next Door and One More Time with Feeling.

Honestly, the only song I just don’t prefer is Machine. It’s not a bad song, it just kind of sticks out on the album. I like the words, just… the music sticks in my head in a bad way.

So yeah, I bought this one too. Crazy, I know. I decided there’s no reason not to buy an album from an artist you know and love. (My problem is that I don’t want to pay Amazon or iTunes for Regina Spektor’s work. I want to pay Regina Spektor. Why can’t the artist just put a “Donate” button on their website. That would be fantastic. So if anyone knows a better way to actually get more of my $10 to the artist, please let me know.) Anywho, if paying for it means the difference in you hearing and not hearing the album, then borrow my copy for as long as you need.

(Does it seem odd that music has actually gone down in price during our lifetime and movies have more than doubled?)

5 Responses

  1. Hooked into machine, hooked into machine, hooked into machine, hooked into, hooked into…………

  2. yes. that’s the part.

  3. If you want to support Regina, buy a t-shirt or other merchandise other than the CD. Musicians get a larger cut of that stuff usually. Unfortunately, even if you buy her CD in a store – or even at a show for that matter – she’s still not really seeing much of the money. Because she’s signed to a label, they get almost all of that money as well. I can go more into that if you want, but I won’t bore you with it here.

    What Radiohead is doing is the future of music I think: no label to get in the way both creatively and mechanically, you set your own “overhead” and thus your profits. That allows them the freedom to have the customer set their own price.

    I can’t knock what Apple and Amazon are doing. At least they distribute ANYONE’S music with fewer strings attached. Plus, if the artist wrote their own music, they get their publishing mechanicals money no matter what evil capitalist organization you buy it from. :) And also every time it’s played on the radio or TV…

  4. yeah, that’s one of the reasons we liked going to shows. you got to buy things straight from the artist.

    i agree that itunes and amazon do an awesome job distributing tons of music, but i think i read that the artists only get around 10% (if that much) of the profit. that just kind of bums me out.

    ah well, guess i better start making room for new shirts.

  5. (Does it seem odd that music has actually gone down in price during our lifetime and movies have more than doubled?)

    movies = 40 times longer than a song, dozens of skilled artists in multiple medias are necessary in addition to the actors and their salary, add in the expenses for simulating a city which is to be blown up by a meteor, and you got yourself a hefty a budget.

    music = …. throw a couple creative hobos together with simple instruments & something weird to say for 3 to 5 minutes.

    granted they are both powerful forms of art, but lets face it music, all music should be free to share (legally) but not movies.

    *Study* = How would josh feel if:

    a.) someone approached him in America asking if he would bum them a cigarette (ie…cigarette)

    b.) someone approached himin America asking if he would bum them a joint (ie…. movie)

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