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Guess Who’s Coming to Visit??

It rhymes with…

scott 02b


The following people are not coming to visit, but I had photos of them that I really liked…


dave b-1

& billy

billy 01b-1

(I love that shot.)

and not to slight anyone, here’s a picture of me on my birthday (back in march). I got back from a long hike and I had banner and cupcakes waiting for me.

my birthday 09b


6 Responses

  1. Sorry for not acknowledging this fine photo of me earlier. My publicist totally dropped the ball on that one. thank you for the nice picture. i have had to throw that shirt away. it was old and turning strange colors.

  2. I have one question and one question only: Does the duck still quack?

  3. dave, is cara alright?

  4. I’m referring to the duck from the package. That was mainly the point of sending him, b/c of his “quacks.”

    Based on your response, I’m assuming it’s a no. :(

  5. Gosh, yes! The duck is still quacking, but only because I withhold from the neighboring kids. You know– they didnt GET IT for the longest time, where the candy came from. Silly silly!

    Our Peace Corps chaps keep begging our Fun Dips.


  6. Are our poop jokes an American thing?

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