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Catch up…mustard and Picka-Peppa!

September was exciting.

We spent the first half of the month tying up loose ends, anticipating Scott’s visit and our trip home, and wishing Josh’s computer worked.

Then Scott DID come and it was a nice time.  We stuck close to home for most of it–Hiked to Dry River Falls one day and enjoyed swimming under the waterfall and lifting rocks in the pool.  We stayed at Scotia House our first night in order to be in Porti for a birthday beach day at Frenchman’s Cove–Scott was a trooper squeezing in taxis and sleeping in sketch conditions.  I give him an A for effort.  He treated us to a stay at the Kingston Four Seasons on the last night and WHAT A STEP UP from our usual PC-paid digs in Kingston.  Split 4 or 5 ways, it would be a really good investment during the next quarterlies!  We ate sushi at Market-Place in Half Way Tree that last night and used internet at our hotel and enjoyed our luxurious room with a/c and cable and pretty trees around. :)

Early in the a.m. on Sept. 17, we left Kingston and went our separate ways:  Scott back to Nashville and us to Colorado for a week.  Colorado was such a fun and relaxing time.  We went to U of Denver and talked with an admissions counselor there, saw the campus (c’est magnifique) and kind of marveled at the thought of living/working/schooling there in a year from now.  I got a tattoo. We survived the cold and dryness. We celebrated BJ’s birthday and his star ranking. We drank beer and coffee like it was our only chance (!!).  We enjoyed beloved family and new friends. Next up Nashville.

The 2 weeks in middle TN went by really fast–a few unexpected things, but mostly just a lot of opportunities to be out and about, seeing people and trying at the same time to get some R&R.  We should’ve known better and we did, but we still returned to Jam-rock overstimulated, regretting that we didn’t get to see everyone we love and like 24 hours of sleep in the hole.  Some highlights of the trip were:
– playing Apples to Apples with Bob & Karen
– seeing Grandma
– finding treasures of Nannaw’s
– watching Mom in “wedding mode”
– celebrating our 4th anniversary with fondue
– attempting to cut bottles (It’s gonna be huge, just you wait)
– worshipping with our Village Chapel family …“We Will Not Go!”
– going to late night movies for free!
– our wonderful bed

Many thanks to all those generous fools who fed us, housed us, gave us stuff (Billy!) and adjusted schedules to meet us or come and see us (or stay up all night watching us pack and argue).  Both times, I’ve returned to Jamaica just feeling very loved…it’s nice to have a reminder every now and then.

We also heard the official date for our 10 year high school reunion:  August 7th, 2010.

And this first week back in ‘di bush,’ we’ve been exterminating pests, loving on Goob, adjusting to the un-freakin-believable humidity and getting re-motivated for the next 10 months.

We both have working computers, messenger bags and lists of work to do.
The rainy season is holding off so far and work has actually begun on the Friday retaining wall and the Moore Town clinic.

Josh and I are really compelled to make the most of our remaining time in the Peace Corps, especially in the areas of our health and our relationships.  “Work” hasn’t exactly gone as we hoped or expected, and it’s a constant struggle to stay positive and keep initiating action with community members.  But, as a wise PCV (Ryan Johnson) told me recently, “There’s more to it than the job. (I’m paraphrasing) We have the rest of our lives to work hard and enjoy the results.  This experience is incredible.  We’ll never have life like this again.”

I think he’s right. Deep breath. Ten more months.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update. I sure wish we could have made it up to CO while you were there. Are you thinking you’ll move to Denver for sure when you get out or are you just looking at options? We love the Picka-Peppa!

  2. Ahh friends…I freaking miss you. I’m going to totally miss my 10 year by the way. I’m looking at 13 more months…praying I make it some days. I love you and am sooo proud of you.

  3. OMG whats your tattoo??? i have to know!!

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