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If you haven’t seen Away We Go yet, you really should drop anything and everything (at your earliest convenience) and get it. It’s super well done, amazing acting, kind of quirky overall, and just plain funny and moving. It’s a must. The couple is not one that everyone in the world will be able to relate to, but I think that makes it more special when you can. It’s nice to see Krasinski in a role where I didn’t feel like I was watching Jim from the Office. These are two clips that just crack me up.

And then, from The Office. The Nard Dog has easily become one of my all-time favorite TV characters. At first I thought he was going to simply be annoying, but Andy has become a hilarious character and one of my favorites on The Office.

Oh MAN, I did these with the newest version of Quicktime. Just open up any video and click “Trim” and you can cut any part of any video out and save to .MOV or .M4v. It automatically resizes if you like. KILLER. I’ve been waiting for something that easier. It was SUCH a pain to import things into iMovie and go from there. Thank you thank you thank you, Apple.

Also THANK YOU, YOUTUBE and NBC for allowing my to upload these vids to YouTube. It’s the first time they’ve allowed it. Bizarre and awesome.

4 Responses

  1. We watched _Away We Go_ recently. I loved the part where they try to convince the little boy to get into the stroller. “Why would I want to push my children away from me?” “Listen to your heart.”


  2. I can’t watch the videos…apparently its banned in cambodia…booo.

  3. told ya

    now if you just see 500 days of summer you’ll complete the triple crown of movies i loved this past summer

  4. can i be honest?

    i didn’t really care much for 500. it was half “genuine indie” and half “pop indie” and that confused me. i don’t think it was a bad movie. I would say to the average person, it’s movie worth watching. but to me, i was disinterested in the main guy and that initial stage of love. Away We Go centered on a more relate-able couple. They were past the “infatuation” part and into the real business of long term relationships. so obviously my view reflects my current relationship status and therefore i much more enjoyed the couple in Away We Go.

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