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To Catch A Predator

Watching Predator the other day (doing some research on other tropical ecosystems) I realized that it still holds as one of the coolest movies ever. It’s got lots of guns and muscles and explosions and Jesse Ventura with a mini-gun and yelling and killer 80’s special effects. (Not to mention Alan Silvestri’s (Back to the Future) really compliments the visual suspense.)

What really sealed the deal for me personally (aside from Carl Weathers getting his arm blown off very dramatically) was the fact that the movie contains a 60sec scene consisting entirely of everyone firing everything they have into empty jungle (hoping to hit the Predator). Sixty seconds! Straight! I love how everyone just hears gunfire and runs up to empty their clip without even asking what for. After the scene Arnold even asks, “What was it?” Classic. Check it out.

In conclusion, I’m really glad we don’t have a Predator in our tropical ecosystem. I think it would cause a lot of unneeded mischief.

(Jess makes fun of me for blogging about things like this. I hope it doesn’t seem stupid that with everything going on with you and us and real life things I decide to post on 1987’s classic Predator. It’s just easier to do that than to get into real things on here. Real things take time and planning and aren’t always fun so I goof around and post this. Hope that’s okay for now.)


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