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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hip Hop

Get it: HERE

This mix is the other side of music I listen to. I guess it would all fall under “pop” (and then dance or hip hop to some degree). You’ve probably heard some of these. I left off a bunch that I really enjoy but are probably really popular back in the US (thus you hear it on the radio every time you turn around) and you wouldn’t be super thrilled about hearing. Having said that, I’ve had a change of heart when it comes to popular music. I truly used to discount it. Recently, however, I’ve been “DJ-ing” (that would be the closest description but don’t let your imagination get very wild… at all) once a week or two and have really grown to appreciate popular music. Not that I think it’s remarkable musically, but I do think it’s worth a few “quality” listens. And by that I mean, think about the songs you’ve gotten sick of on the radio. You hear them over and over again over the lowest quality audio signal we have over probably not the greatest speakers in the world (i.e. your car). It’s no wonder we get sick of them. What if The WallflowersOne Headlight never appeared on the radio, but you’d accidentally stumbled across it as someone’s B Side. You’d probably love that song forever (if you like that type of music) and enjoy showing others. But because we know everyone and their grandparents has heard it, it just loses that… neatness. Secondly, there’s a reason popular music is popular: it’s easy and fun to listen to. How much effort does it take to listen to Beyonce‘s Single Ladies? Seriously. It’s a blast and you know it. Of course, it’s not as rewarding of a musical experience as discovering something like Neutral Milk Hotel, but it’s really not half bad. My point is, give pop a chance. (Some of it has some amazing production value to it.) This may sound stupid to some of you, but if you are half the music… what’s a word that means ass, brilliant, and self righteous all at the same time? …that I was, you owe it to yourself to branch out.

So even if you’ve heard some of these songs played over and over on the radio; if you haven’t given them a proper shot on proper speakers/headphones, do it. Just remember: I wouldn’t go to this much trouble if I didn’t think the music was worth it.

Also, the views expressed in these songs do no reflect those of Josh or Jesse’s. I tried to pick not super bad ones, but there’s gonna be some cussing in some of these. I don’t think it’s an overwhelming theme, but just a heads up.

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